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What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday, an annual sales day that typically occurs in November, marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. The largest shopping holiday of all is Black Friday. With sales so high, the same day can force a retailer into “the dark,” or solvency.

Shoppers can expect thousands and even more deals during the weekend.

When Is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday always falls on Friday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday falls this November 26. Black Friday-quality deals will still be available to shoppers on Black Friday or after Cyber Monday.

What Time Does Black Friday Start?

For online retailers, Black Friday begins at 12:01 AM local time on November 26th. Black Friday sales begin when each retailer decides to go live.

Based on last year’s experience, many retailers will release new deals each week leading up to the big day.

How Long Do Black Friday Sales Last?

Do not be deceived by the name, which suggests that it is only one day. It is most certainly not. It’s more of a shopping season that starts in November.

Black Friday deals began days or weeks before the actual shopping day last year and will continue until Cyber Monday.

Black Friday
Black Friday

What Should You Buy On Black Friday?

Black Friday falls just a few weeks ahead of the holiday gift-giving season. This gives you great opportunities to save on all your holiday gifts before the last-minute rush.

Black Friday is almost certain to offer great value. However, some products are more affordable at other times of the year. You’ll be less likely to get ripped off by fancy coupons or to spend money on products that you don’t use.

Online shoppers can find great deals, including “doorbusters”, before Black Friday. Prices will fall to an all-time low during the event, often surpassing those we see throughout the year. Every product category is covered: tech, smart home, kitchen, fashion, and smart home.

Black Friday will offer shoppers similar deals to those on Amazon Prime Day. However, the offers will be more extensive.

If you are looking for the best deals, we recommend that you focus on these product categories:

Black Friday is a popular time to buy big-ticket electronics, especially large TVs. Black Friday is a great time to buy high-end electronics, such as Samsung sets or LG OLEDs, but also budget-friendly TCL and Hisense models.

Black Friday TV Offer
Black Friday TV Offer

Similar to Amazon Prime Day we saw tons of discounts on smart home products last BlackFriday. We saw many discounts and bundles on Google products recently released by Amazon Echo, as well as a drop in prices for these products.

Black Friday will bring discounts on the latest Xbox, Playstation releases. This is assuming they are in stock. We didn’t see any markdowns last year on consoles, but we did see some bundles and we expect more in 2021.

Black Friday is a great day to shop for kitchen upgrades. Black Friday saw huge discounts on Instant Pot pressure cookers, KitchenAid kitchen appliances, pots & pans, and everything else you need for the coming holiday season.

Black Friday deals are amazing. You can also find deals on diaperspaper, as well as other household necessities and toiletries.

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Is Black Friday Or Cyber Monday Better?

It’s hard and matters less each year.

For those who are not familiar, CyberMonday is traditionally three days after Black Friday. We’ve seen Black Friday, Cyber Tuesday merge slowly and grow to a week-long or even month-long affair. Different products get better discounts each day and each retailer will offer different deals.

Cyber Monday Sale
Cyber Monday Sale
  • It is a good rule to remember: When you feel you are getting a great deal (e.g. one we recommend), place your order as soon as you can. Although you can cancel or return any product, it is impossible to use an expired or inactive deal.

Imagine that you buy a product at a discount on Black Friday, and then see a significant markdown at a different retailer on Cyber Monday. It’s okay to relax.

You can ask the original shopfront to match your order price (some will automatically refund the difference), or return the order or cancel it, and then place another order at a lower price. You can cancel orders by simply returning or canceling orders that are not shipped on weekends.

We’ve found it to be more convenient for those who are able to shop in person on Black Friday.

  • For high-end products.
  • For major stores.
  • This year’s products.
  • If possible, shop in-store if you’re planning to do your entire shopping there.

Best Black Friday Deals We Saw Last Year

We compiled a list of the best Black Friday tech deals last year. Many products were discounted up to 50%, with savings of hundreds of dollars. These are the top markdowns that we saw last year.


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