What Size AC Unit for My House Calculator?

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AC units are very useful because if you live in hot conditions then you will definitely want some way of being able to cool down very quickly, and this is what an AC unit will be able to offer you. That way you won’t have the trouble of waking up in the middle of the night because it’s too hot to sleep. There is one little dilemma that you might get in and that’s what size do you need for your room, and will you need a different sized AC unit for different sized rooms? It can be quite confusing; therefore Best of Machinery has put together a guide and a calculator to advise you about what size AC unit you will need.

Different forms of AC Units

AC units come in many different forms, you can purchase ones that are able to slot into your walls, or you can even purchase ones that are on wheels, and you will be able to move them around to wherever you desire them to be. You can also purchase AC units in different sizes too so you will able to find one suitable for you if you have a small flat or a large house.

The reason why size is so important is that if you have an AC unit that is too small, it will struggle to cool down your room if it’s quite large, plus, if you leave it on for a longer time to try and get it cooler, it’s likely that it will overheat. Whereas if you purchase an air conditioner unit that is quite large and the room is too small, then it could make your room feel quite uncomfortable and clammy because there will be too much moisture in the air around you. Therefore you need to find the perfect size air conditioner unit for your room.

What size Should you get for a Small Room?

There’s actually a certain rule that you should follow when you are looking to figure out what size air conditioner unit you need. Usually, you would need to figure out the BTU first, BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and it is a form of measurement about how much energy is needed to be able to raise the temperature of exactly one pound of the water by exactly one degree. Each individual air conditioner unit is actually rated to produce a specific number of BTU’s. We’ve put together a rough guide of how a BTU calculator actually works.

So, if your the room is between 0-150 square feet the air conditioner will need roughly 5,000 BTU’s to be able to cool the room down. You can easily work out the square feet of your room by working out the length and the width of the room and then you will need to times these together to work out what the square feet of your room is. If your room is between 150-200 square feet, then your air conditioner will need about 6,000 BTU to work efficiently, and if your room is between 200-250 square feet, then the air conditioner will need around 7,000 BTU’s.

What Size Should you get for a Medium/Large Room?

The average square feet of a double room is around 240 square feet, so if your room is an average sizing, then you will need an air conditioner that is around 7,000 BTU. You should be able to find out what the BTU of the air conditioner is on the description of the product if you can’t then you can always ask the seller and they should be able to provide this information to you.

If your room is between let’s say 400-450 square feet, then you will need an air conditioner that has around 14,000 BTU’s. Therefore this is definitely something that you will need to work out, because if you purchase one that doesn’t have enough BTU’s for your room size, then it’s likely that it won’t work as well compared to using it in a smaller sized room.

Can you get an AC unit that will cool the Whole House Down?

This will all depend on how big your house is, if you have a small house or flat then you should be able to find an AC unit that will be able to cool down the whole of your house. This is because there won’t be as much space to cool down.

It will be quite difficult to get just one AC unit to cool down a whole house, it will cool it down slightly because the whole air in the house is changing, but any air conditioner will struggle to keep the whole house at a cool level. Not only this, but it will also be bad for the air conditioner because it could cause it to overheat and this could lead it to break.


There is a whole load of different air conditioner units all across the internet, and it can be quite confusing deciding what one you would like to purchase. However, it’s very important that you work out your room size beforehand, as this way you will be able to work out the BTU measurement of the air conditioner that you need. If you happen to purchase one that is the wrong measurement for your room, then it either won’t cool it down very much, or it will make the air too moist.

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