VITAMIX 7500 VS 5200

We will compare the Vitamix 5200 C-series models to the Vitamix 7500 G-series models in this article. This will help you determine which model is right for your needs.

The older model is not necessarily inferior to the newer one. In fact, you’ll find that it still holds its own against most other high-end blenders on the market today.

VITAMIX 7500 VS 5200
VITAMIX 7500 VS 5200

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A Brief Comparison: Vitamix 7500 Vs 5200

Here’s a quick overview of the features of the two blenders:

Vitamix 7500

  • Capable of 2.2 peak horsepower.
  • When running it makes less noise than the 5200.
  • Comes with an 1814g low profile container that is easier to store
  • It also features a variable speed knob, just like the 5200.
  • The Pulse switch is included, allowing you to achieve a thick consistency.
  • New costs so can be a bit pricey.
  • Comes with the same warranty as the 5200.
  • There is an additional color option (Red).
Our Pick

Vitamix 7500 Blender

7500 BLK INTL RGlam 620x620 1
List Price: $559.95 
Price: $509.95 & FREE Returns 

Vitamix, Black 7500 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container

Vitamix 5200

  • Can mix even the toughest ingredients with a max 2.0 horsepower motor.
  • It comes with a classic container of 1,814 g. This might make it a bit difficult to store under cabinets.
  • There are two speed settings available: Variable and High. This activates an adjustable speed dial that lets you select various mix consistency.
  • It is cheaper than the Vitamix 7500.
  • It comes with a 7-year warranty.
  • You can choose between red, white or black.

As you can see, both blenders are quite capable and can compete with most high-end blenders on the market. We’ll cover some of the key differences between the Vitamix 7500 and 5200 in the next section.

Our Pick

Vitamix 5200 Blender

CS rglam black
List Price: $479.95 
Price: $380.92 & FREE Returns 

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black – 001372

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Vitamix 7500 and 5200: A Feature Review

This section will focus on the key features of both blenders. We will also highlight the differences and similarities. We hope you can decide which blender is better for your home, the 7500 or the 5200.

The motor

As mentioned above, the Vitamix 7500 has a slightly more powerful motor that is capable of generating 0.2 more horsepower than its predecessor. However, it doesn’t make much of a difference in terms of mixing power.

Both blenders can blend any hard ingredients you put in their jars. However, the 7500 can do it more efficiently. Also, things like smoothies and spreads can have a smoother consistency if you use the latter.

The main difference between the motors has to do with the amount of noise they make. Most older blenders are relatively noisy, and the Vitamix 5200 is no exception. In contrast, the 7500 comes with a suspended housing for its motor that is designed to provide 40% less noise. That’s right, the 7500 is 40% quieter than the 5200!

So if you need to use the blender for long periods of time every day or if you have children or pets who don’t like loud noises, then perhaps the 7500 is the best blender for you.

Vitamix Blender Motor
Vitamix Blender Motor

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the blades

The blades on both blenders are made from aircraft-grade stainless steel, which means they can blend any type of hard food.

The wider base of the Vitamix 7500 means that its blades are one inch wider than the 5200 (8 cm) in diameter. The result is a larger shear area and therefore a more uniform mix consistency.

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The design of the Vitamix 7500 is perhaps the most significant difference from its predecessor. The design of the 5200 is more traditional and representative of the time it was released. By comparison, the 7500 is sleeker and more modern. So, if you have a contemporary aesthetic in your kitchen at home, then perhaps the latter will suit it better.

The height difference between blenders is another important distinction. Customers complain that the Vitamix 5200 is too tall to store under cabinets. The 7500, on the other hand, is only two and a quarter inches shorter. This makes it the ideal size for traditional kitchens.

This is not to say that the 7.5-inch jar can’t hold as much food as the 5.2-inch jar. Both are wider than the other, which makes up for their lack of height.

Both blenders come out of the box with wet jars, which are less suitable for dry ingredients. However, you can easily purchase different types directly from Vitamix.

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The controls

At first glance, it might appear that both the Vitamix 5200 and 7500 have an identical control layout. But that is not the case. Both blenders have:

  • Variable Speed ​​Dial – You can choose between speeds 1-10 to get any consistency or texture.
  • Switch on / off. This switch is called Start/Stop on the 7500, but it does the same job controlling the blades.

What the Vitamix 7500 has that its predecessor doesn’t have is the Pulse button. The blades will switch to a faster cutting action when this happens. This results in a thicker consistency, which is very useful for making sauces.

The price

Vitamix blenders have high-end features. Vitamix blenders are powerful enough to blend any type of food, even blocks of hard cheese. They also last longer than other blenders. They even come with a seven-year warranty

So it should come as no surprise that they are more expensive than your average blender.

Vitamix 5200 Blender Unboxing
Vitamix 5200 Blender Unboxing

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What Can Vitamix Blenders Do?

Even though the 19,050cm Vitamix motor has 10% more power and a larger blade/cutting area, there isn’t much difference in performance compared to the 5200.

Both blenders will handle everything from a soup to a green smoothie thanks to the variable speed control.

However, the 7500 is obviously better for coarser textures due to the pulse function.

What Can Vitamix Blenders Do
What Can Vitamix Blenders Do?

Vitamix 7500 vs 5200: Our Verdict

Vitamix blenders can be used for a variety of purposes and are durable, powerful, and easy to use. It doesn’t matter if you use it to make nut butter or an occasional smoothie, these blenders have you covered.

Although the 7500 has larger blades and a faster motor, the performance of both machines is comparable. This makes it even more difficult to make a decision. However, if we had to choose, we’d go with the Vitamix 7500. Here’s why:

  • A shorter bin means under cabinet storage is not a problem
  • Larger leaves have a more consistent texture.
  • The pulse button is very useful for food preparation, especially for sauces and sauce recipes.
  • For long time use, the noise dampening function is extremely convenient.

You will find that other expert reviews echo our sentiments.

What Should You Get?

The Vitamix 7500 blender is superior, but that doesn’t mean the 5200 blender is inferior. In fact, it can compete with most high-end blenders in its price range. It has been in production for twelve years after its introduction.

What Should You Get
What Should You Get?
  • A 5200 blender is a great option if you don’t have the budget for it.
  • The Vitamix 7500 is a better option if you don’t need the pulse function and have a traditional kitchen that prepares foods with thick textures, and loud sounds, and you don’t like loud noises.

That’s all there is to know about the Vitamix 7500 and 5200. You should now have a better understanding of which one is best for you.


Can Vitamix 7500 make hot soup?

The Vitamix 7500 can make hot soup, but it is not designed specifically for that purpose. It does not have a built-in heating element, so you will need to cook the soup on the stovetop first and then blend it in the Vitamix.

The good news is that the 7500 is powerful enough to quickly and easily blend hot soup, so you won’t have to worry about it taking forever to make your favorite recipes.

If you’re looking for a Vitamix that is specifically designed for making hot soup, you should check out the Vitamix Professional Series 750. It has a built-in heating element that can bring soup to a boil in just minutes. It also has a self-cleaning cycle, so you won’t have to worry about soup splattering all over your kitchen.

Can Vitamix 5200 make hot soup?

Yes, the Vitamix 5200 can make hot soup. To do so, simply place all of your ingredients into the blender jar, select the “Hot Soup” setting on the control panel, and let the machine do its work. The 5200 will heat up the soup as it blends, so it’ll be ready to serve in no time. So, if you’re in the mood for a steaming bowl of tomato soup or creamy pumpkin soup, your Vitamix can help you make it happen.

Can I put boiling water in Vitamix?

There are a couple of different schools of thought on this matter. Some people believe that boiling water can damage the blades of your Vitamix, while others believe that it can actually help clean the machine. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. If you do decide to put boiling water in your Vitamix, just be sure to let the machine cool down before adding any cold ingredients.

What does E17 mean on Vitamix?

E17 is the code for the Vitamix “Error 17” message. This error indicates that the blender has overheated and needs to be turned off and unplugged for at least 30 minutes before restarting. If you see this error, it’s best to let the machine cool down completely before trying to use it again.

What is the horsepower of the Vitamix 7500?

The Vitamix 7500 is a high-performance blender that offers a powerful motor and blade assembly, making it ideal for those who want to make smooth, consistent blends. It also has a wide range of speed settings, so you can tailor your blending to your specific needs.

As for the horsepower of the Vitamix 7500, it is 2.2 HP, which is quite powerful for a blender. With its high-performance motor and blade assembly, the Vitamix 7500 can easily handle tough blending tasks, such as crushing ice or making nut butter. If you’re looking for a blender that can do it all, then the Vitamix 7500 is a great option.

What is the difference between Vitamix 7500 and 5200?

Vitamix 7500 is the newer model of the Vitamix 5200. The 7500 has a more powerful motor, which means it can blend ingredients more quickly and smoothly. The 7500 also has a sleek new design and comes with a recipe book and DVD. However, the 5200 is still a great blender and is less expensive.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful blender that can handle anything you throw at it, go with the Vitamix 7500. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Vitamix 5200 is still a great choice.

Is Vitamix 5200 BPA free?

As of July 2017, Vitamix has confirmed that the 5200 model is BPA-free. This means that the plastics used in the construction of the blender are not made with bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that has been linked to health concerns. While there are no guarantees when it comes to safety, this should give you some peace of mind if you’re concerned about BPA in your food.

If you’re looking for a Vitamix blender that is guaranteed to be BPA-free, you might want to consider the Vitamix 7500. This model is made with Tritan copolyester, a type of plastic that is specifically designed to be BPA-free.

Is Vitamix 5200 dishwasher safe?

Yes, the Vitamix 5200 is dishwasher safe. The blender pitcher and lid can be placed on the top rack of most standard dishwashers, and the blades can be washed separately with hot water and soap.

To clean the Vitamix 5200, simply place the pitcher and lid on the top rack of your dishwasher, and run a cycle with hot water and detergent. The blades can be cleaned separately by soaking them in hot water and dish soap, then rinsing thoroughly.

Does the Vitamix 5200 have a glass container?

The short answer is no, the Vitamix 5200 does not have a glass container. The 5200 model is only compatible with Vitamix’s plastic containers. However, if you’re looking for a Vitamix blender with a glass container, the next model up, the Vitamix A3500, does have a glass container option. So if you’re set on getting a Vitamix with a glass container, you’ll need to go with the A3500 model.


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