Tiny House Plans (2020 Guide & Ideas)

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Looking For a Different Way of Living? A Tiny House is An Ideal Solution.

Are you bored of living the conventional way? A tiny house is the ultimate way of creating a home but on a smaller scale. They are also becoming very popular and a great way of creating a minimalistic home. If you have dreamed of completing a tiny home build yourself, then the great news is that these home designs are easy to plan for and build, especially as there are so many tiny house floor plans available now.

They come in a range of styles, including some that have an outdoor living area incorporated into the tiny house plans for tiny house. Some home plans are for static builds, while others are for mobile builds that can be transported around, great if you tend to enjoy traveling around or enjoy different scenery every so often.

Small houses plans come in a range of sizes and can be as tiny as around 250 square feet or larger to around 500 sq ft plus. Below are some tiny house plans for small houses that any keen DIYer or keen project person can complete.

  1. Tiny House Plan That Can be Extended Over Time

If you are looking for tiny house plans that you can make into a larger home when necessary, this smallest house plan is for you. It starts with a 238 square foot floorplan and is created in a style that allows a lot of light via the roof windows and comprises a high ceiling to give this tiny home a more spacious feel.

This tiny house plan is useful if you want to live a minimalistic lifestyle. It gives you the option to build additional modules onto this tiny house if you run out of space, which is great for singles or couples.

The benefit of tiny homes like this is the option to build upon what you already have, therefore creating new bedrooms or lounge areas is more achievable.

  1. Tiny House Plan With Separate Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom

Like the idea of a tiny house but don’t want to compromise on having the main compartments of a home in one open space? Then this is the perfect tiny house plan for you. The floor plan allows you to build this tiny house with your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom being separated from each other.

It is towards the larger size of a small house planner but makes it feel more like home. This is a good tiny house if you are a little unsure whether it would work for your needs or not. It will give you 493 square foot of floor space and comes with a lovely patio area, so great if you want to soak up the sun.

  1. Tiny House That Can be Moved from One Location to Another

This tiny house plan on wheels is the ideal setup for any keen explorer or someone who doesn’t like to stay in one location for too long. It gives you the freedom to travel around but still keep your tiny house with you and all your belongings. The only difference is the location that you choose. One minute you could be by the beach and another you could be in a bustling city.

The tiny floor plan is 320 square feet plus a loft to offer more space, making it a great build if you plan to travel around.

  1. Tiny House That Looks Like a Traditional Building

This tiny house is on the larger scale of a tiny home. This is because this tiny home has 544 square feet of space. There are a separate bedroom and bathroom and a small porch area at the front of this tiny house. The best aspect of tiny homes like this is that they appeal to a lot of people due to their similarities to a traditional house. Another great feature of this small house is that it is all on one level, making it accessible for all.

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