Rustoleum Countertop Paint Review [ 2020 ]

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How many of you out there have been looking for a paint product that will cover your countertops, leaving behind nothing but a sleek shine that most will call impressive? We know we have here at Best Of Machinery, hence why we are going to be discussing one of the most impressive countertop paints around right now — we are of course talking about Rust Oleum’s countertop paint! Available in four distinct colors, this paint will definitely go a long way in breathing some new life into your home that’s for sure!

Look online for some of the best countertop paints, and you’ll find a lot of products to pick and choose from. In our experience, most of these paints offer something a little different — whether that be in color, or the quality of the paint outright. Finding the right paint can for you (especially for countertops) can be a very difficult task, this is why we’ve done all the work for you courtesy of the review you’re reading right now! Read on to find out more!

Key Features

 Like we mentioned above, this paint is available in four distinct colors, each offers customers something different depending on the look and feel they’re going for. You probably already have an idea on the color you need — although on the off chance that you haven’t thought about this — we would recommend you outline the color scheme of your room before you even think about buying any of these paints. Colors available: java, charcoal, onyx, and charcoal!

These paints are available within two distinct sizes, both small and large! Knowing how big the space you’re going to be painting will be ideal as this will determine which size you need and should therefore purchase. The larger size can cover up to 50 square feet or 20 linear feet depending on the scale. These paints don’t come with a brush so you should definitely have one on hand when it comes time to paint!

Not only is this paint consistent but it is incredibly durable too, one that will cover any surface for many years to come! The premium finish on these paints definitely makes them stand out when comparing them to a lot of other countertop paints. When finished you should have enough paint left over to perform any cover-ups that you might need in the future — it’s certainly rare since the paint here is durable, but you never know!


COUNTERTOP: This paint has been made for the sole purpose of going over various countertops. The paint here is incredibly consistent and does a great job in strengthening the quality of your countertops from just one layer alone!

PLENTIFUL: One can of paint covers up to 50 square feet (or 20 linear feet) which is very impressive, especially when you consider that the quality of this paint doesn’t dip either!

STONE LOOK: The finish of this paint provides a premium look, one that makes your countertops look like they’re made from stone! If you are wanting to impress your visitors/family members, then this is the paint to buy!


NO ACCESSORIES: In all honesty, we couldn’t think of any other faults to this particular can of paint aside from the fact that it doesn’t come with any brushes or things such as that. Most cans of paint don’t, but we can recall a few that do!

Who Is It Suitable For?

Suitable for anyone looking to completely revamp their home and revel in the compliments that follow. The stone finish of this paint is incredibly impressive and adds a more natural look to countertops! It’s a very stylish design fit for most modern-day homes.

Why We Like It

We enjoyed this particular product for a lot of different reasons. The stone finish and the multiple color options here is definitely noteworthy, but what impressed us the most was the consistency of the paint and the durability of it also. Your countertops are really going to shine in more ways than one with this paint from Rust-Oleum, trust us!

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