Radiator Covers Make Your Old Radiator Look Stylish

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A radiator is a vital part of any home, offering comfort and warmth during the long winter nights. But even though they are so important, there is no denying that they can also be quite an eyesore too.

You have finally gotten your home to a design that you like, yet your old radiator sticks out like a sore thumb.

If it works well enough, there is no need to remove your entire central heating system products purely for aesthetics.

Which is why many people opt for a custom radiator cover – with options to make one for free themselves also.

There are a lot of options when it comes to finding a radiator cover that suits you. Many homeowners opt for a custom design that they may have made themselves for free.

If you are considering investing in a cover for your radiator, then this is the ultimate free guide to things you need to know about these products.

What are the Benefits of Radiator Covers?

There are a lot of benefits that come from having a cover radiator in your house. Radiator cover products are a solution to both the ugliness as well as the dust, which can be a significant issue due to the open fins of a radiator.

Radiator covers allow the passage of heat, ensuring your space will be warm and cozy, while also looking great.

It is possible to get custom radiator covers at a furniture shop that stocks similar products, or you can use your free time to DIY.

Having a cover over your radiator can be an excellent option for those who require free storage space for their decor items.

Although radiator covers allow passage of heat, the top remains cool, which makes them the perfect shelving display for framed photographs or even heat-sensitive items like plants if you currently have no free space in your house.

Are Radiator Covers a Good Idea?

Radiator covers can be an excellent idea for a range of different households.

There are a lot of benefits that come from having these products in your space, and with a variety of designs available for free at the specialist shop, there is going to be something for everyone.

Having a radiator in any room of the house is a great benefit. A radiator can provide warmth and comfort when it is cold outside, and many households may come with a free central heating system already installed.

Despite all of their benefits, an old radiator can be quite an eyesore in your home.

If you have spent a lot of time and money getting the decor of your space right, the radiator that is already in the room may look out of place and get attention in a way that you do not want.

Not only that, but most of the radiator designs we have seen have open fins, which makes them a magnet for dust, debris, and cobwebs.

As a radiator is not free, and instead fixed in place within each room of the home, they can be quite an issue when trying to renovate or redesign your space.

Luckily, covers radiators can provide the perfect solution to all of these issues. Radiator covers come in a range of shapes and sizes, offering a great free display storage solution as well as ensuring your home has the right look.

They can be used to display photograph frames, decor items, and even plants without reducing the heat the radiator can give out.

There are many benefits to using a radiator cover, making them a good idea for a range of households who want to update their look without the cost.

What are the Best Radiator Covers?

When you start your shop for radiator covers, you will find a lot of products. These products are available in a range of shop types, both on the high street and online.

Despite the range of products, many homeowners choose to DIY their furniture cover – creating something new using products that are easy to find and cheap to access.

If you are struggling to find the best cover radiators for your space, then you may want to get creative and design your cover instead.

This is not something that can be done with all kinds of furniture products, but luckily making radiators covers is quite easy and can be done for cheap if not free.

There are a lot of great ideas that can be found for free online when it comes to making your radiator cover, many of which are free to access.

One of the best things about deciding to make your radiator cover is the fact that a lot of the materials can be found for free or are very inexpensive, making it a more affordable option than buying something new from the shop.

With this in mind, sometimes the best radiator cover that you can get is something unique that you have made yourself rather than the new products that you may find in a shop.

If you have some free time and want to get creative, making your radiator cover is a great idea.

How to make your Radiator Cover?

For those who may want to create their radiator cover to add a truly personal touch to their living space, there are a lot of ideas that can be found for free online.

Many of these ideas are inexpensive, using free or affordable materials that can be easily accessed. No matter what kind of DIY skills you have, there is going to be a tutorial out there on how to DIY the radiator cover that you can do.

If you are not impressed with the products you can get in a shop, have some free time, and want to get creative, then you can try making your own radiator cover. Some of the best ideas include:

String Art.

This is an eye-catching design for a radiator cover, that has been heavily inspired by modern art.

All of the products used in this design are easily accessible from any crafts shop, and many of them can also be found for free.

It requires yarn to be interwoven inside of the cover, creating a truly unique and modern appearance to your old radiator.

It is best to use materials that are free from metal or plastic, such as wool or cotton, to keep them safe when next to the heat.

Plant Shelf Cover.

A lot of people choose to enhance the covers they have on their radiators using home decor and plants. If you already have radiator covers in your home, then this is a great way to improve their appearance for free.

Simply place various plants and other decor items across the top of the radiator covers, creating an eye-catching display that can be free to DIY based on what you have at home.

Who said Radiator Covers just have to have one Purpose?


One of the most popular products you will find when in a shop for radiator covers is those with an elegant and minimalist style.

Since a radiator is unattractive, most people do not want to draw attention to them in any way and instead opt for invisible radiator covers.

To make radiator covers invisible, blend them in with surrounding shelving units and interior dΓ©cor articles.

This idea can be designed for free at a furniture shop, using similar products to what you already have in your home.

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