How To Use A Porter Cable Air Compressor?

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Air compressors are very useful for a numerous amount of things, whether you’ve got odd jobs to do around the house or if you work on a building site then they can help supply power to some of your tools. They are actually very easy to use, and there are a whole variety of ones that you can actually buy, from portable ones to stationery, and to ones that use electric and ones that use oil.

Porter Cable makes a whole load of air compressors that are very reliable and easy to use. Best of Machinery has looked at why Porter Cable air compressors are so popular and what the easiest ways to use them are.

Why is Porter Cable Popular?

It’s hard to believe that Porter Cable is actually one of the younger air compressor brands, as it was only found it 1906. Many other air compressor brands were found way before this, however, they still have over one hundred years of experience with air compressors. They are a very popular brand to buy, as they are able to provide you with very high-quality air compressors that are suitable for business use as well as home use.

There are also lots of other advantages about Porter Cable compared to other brands that you may also see on the shop shelves. One of these reasons is that they design air compressors in a way that will give you the most advantage and it will really meet any needs you require for any job. Not only this, but you can easily do coordinating work with them too and when you do use one you will definitely be happy with the end result.

How to use a Porter Cable air compressor?

As soon as you hear the word air compressor, you may automatically be scared of how to use it, but trust me it’s definitely not as bad as it seems and the Porter Cable air compressors are a lot easier than you would ever think. So here’s how to use it:

1. First of all, get out your air compressor.
2. You should see that there is a valve underneath the air compressor and two on the side of it as well.
3. You will need to make sure that the bottom valve is tightened up.
4. Then turn the switch of the air compressor on.
5. Once you’ve done this, you will hear a loud noise from the air compressor, but there’s nothing to worry about, as this is just it starting to compress air from the atmosphere around it.
6. You will then need to check what the PSI is on the air compressor, and you will be able to easily measure this on the regulator.
7. When it is at the number that your tool requires to work this is when you will need to stop it from compressing any more air.
8. Once you have done this, you will then need to just attach your tool to the air compressor, and it should be able to work straight away.

It must be noted that each Porter Cable air compressor may work slightly differently, so it’s worth always checking the instructions before you do try and use it. The steps above tell you how to work a general Porter Cable air compressor.

What’s the Difference Between Other Branded Air Compressors?

Some other brands also make air compressors and sometimes they can be just as good as Porter Cable, but sometimes they will not be. Therefore you need to look at the description of each of the air compressors that you’re looking at, as this will indicate what features they might be missing. Not only this, but it’s always best to check the price of them and compare the prices. This is because this factor can actually reflect a lot about the product and it will indicate whether it’s made from better materials.

What Porter Cable Air Compressor is the Best?

Porter Cable has a whole range of air compressors, and each one of them has its own advantages, but the best one to purchase is the Porter Cable 3.5 gallon 135 PSI Pancake Compressor. This is because it’s surprisingly very cheap for the quality air compressor that it is. This air compressor is more suitable for smaller types of jobs, and you can easily carry it around with you too.

If you’re looking for a Porter Cable air compressor that is suitable for bigger jobs, then the best one that you should purchase is the Porter Cable 20 Gallon Air Compressor. This is because you can easily take it around with you; you can feel the quality standard when you’re using it, and it will work with any tool that requires an air compressor in order to work.


There are lots of different air compressors that you can purchase online, or you can even purchase them in stores all over the United States. It’s known that Porter Cable produce excellent quality air compressors that will last you a lifetime. They are also very easy to use, and there is a guide above, so if you do have any difficulties then you can always look at it. They are a very well established brand and have been around for quite some time now; it’s definitely worth checking out their air compressors before you do purchase one.

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