How to Remove Carpet (Number 2 Will Surprise You!)

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Old carpet can make any room in your house look tired and messy, while a new carpet can freshen up any room quickly and easily.

Paying a professional to remove your old carpet for you can be expensive and frustrating.

But if you are willing to put in a bit of time and effort to learn how to remove carpet properly and safely, you can save yourself a lot of money.

Working out how to remove carpet can be difficult, but here at TOP Gear House (rights reserved, etc.).

We’re here to help you get your head around the process, so you don’t need to turn to professional carpet removers in order to freshen up an old room.

So if you’ve got any questions about how to cut carpet for removal.

What tack strips are, or what tools you need for carpet removal, then read on below to find out all you might need to know!

How to Remove Carpet What Tools Do I Need to Remove Carpet?

There are 10 important tools that you will need in order to remove the carpet as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The good news is that there are several of these staples that you will probably have in your home already, as many people use several of these tools for a wide range of purposes other than carpet removal.

In order to remove your old carpet, you will need a,

  • Heavy Duty.
  • Utility Knife.
  • Pry Bar and Hammer.
  • Heavy-Duty Staple Remover.
  • Pliers.
  • Knee Pads or equivalent.
  • Heavy Duty Gloves.
  • Some sort of Eye Protection and Dust Mask.
  • A few Heavy Duty Trash Bags.
  • A Screwdriver.
  • And finally, a Shop-Vac and Broom set.

These are the essential tools that you will need for dealing with an old carpet in need of removal.

And many of them have further used around your home.

Check the back of your storage cupboards! You might be surprised by the range of DIY tools you might already own.

What is the Easiest Way to Remove Carpet?

In most cases, your old carpet won’t actually go all the way to the back of the room beneath the baseboard of your wall.

That is good news, as it means that you will be able to pull it out without breaking your back as you struggle to get it out.

Just cut a small square out of your carpet in one corner of the room, and use that hole as a handhold to pull from.

The carpet is attached to the floor with something called a tack strip, which runs around the edge of the room.

That means you will need to focus your pulling on the edges of the room in order to get enough force on the tack strip itself without tearing the carpet.

Pull back on the carpet, and it should start pulling away from the floor as the tack strip begins to give!

How Much does it Cost to Remove Carpet?

As long as you are trying to do it yourself, and you know how to remove carpet without any specialist tools.

It is actually quite cheap to take the carpet out and replace it with new carpet.

If you don’t have any of the supplies on hand already, they are likely to come to around $60 in total.

If you’ve already got some of them available from use in previous projects, like a utility knife or a dust mask, then it will cost you even less!

How do you Remove a Carpet Without Damaging it?

Most carpet is attached to the floor with tack strips or glue. That makes them surprisingly easy to remove without having to cut the carpet or otherwise damage it!

It will be much easier with a second person to help you lift, but it is certainly possible to get an old carpet out without damaging it on your own.

Start by clearing the room of all furniture and then put on your dust mask and a pair of sturdy gloves.

Starting at the corner of the room, use a pair of pliers to pull the corner of the carpet up until you can grip it properly, and then pull it away from the tack strips.

Once you’ve removed all the tack strips and staples holding the carpet in place, you can start to roll it up.

The tighter you roll it, the easier it will be to manage it, and the sooner you will be able to get your new one into place.

You don’t have to cut the carpet at all to remove it, although cutting it into strips might make it a lot quicker and easier to get the carpet out of the room once you are finished.

Tips for Removing Carpet.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for how to remove carpet, covering everything from what a carpet pad is to how to use a floor scraper.

This isn’t a comprehensive guide to removing carpets but should offer a number of carpet removing tips that anyone should be able to find useful.

Some of these are old staples that should be useful for beginners, and some are more advanced tips for people who have already mastered the carpet lifting staples.

Before you start to lift the carpet.

Your first step, before you even start to peel the carpet back from the floor or make a single cut, should always be to clear the floor.

That means removing all of the furniture, as well as taking down any doors that open inwards, as their hinges can obstruct the carpet a little as you remove it.

Cut your carpet into strips.

A whole carpet can be large and awkward to move. Even though the new one will need to be in one piece to install it.

You can make your life a bit easier when you take the older carpet out.

Just cut it into strips, making sure you don’t try to cut through any staples or thick carpet pad areas, and moving the carpet around should be much easier!

Working with a professional.

If your new floor covering or carpet is planned for application by a professional, you can leave the edges of the carpet for the professional when they apply the new carpets.

Leave the stapled down parts at the edges of the floor, and just cut around the staples and strips, removing the majority of the carpet from the middle of the floor!

Cleaning the floor.

Once you’ve removed the old, battered carpet, there is one thing that might want doing before you add a newer carpet. That is the simple process of cleaning your floor!

Wooden floors underneath carpets don’t get cleaned very often at all, so grease and dust often build up.

Using a floor scraper, it is worth giving your floorboards a thorough clean at this point, before the new fresh carpet goes on over the top and covers it all up again.

The floor scraper is also very useful for scraping old staples out of the floor.

Using quick motions and a moderate amount of pressure, use your floor scraper for scraping the old staples from your previous carpet out of the wood of the floor.

And prevent them from causing uncomfortable lumps underneath the replacement carpet once that is installed.


These are some of the Best of Machinery top tips for removing carpets from your floor.

There are all sorts of other tips and tricks that you could use, but these are some of the most valuable tips from our experts.

If you follow our tips, you should be capable of taking out your previous carpet without much difficulty, even if you have no prior experience of removing carpets at all! Here are some tips for doing paint jobs easily.

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