How to Make Your Own Drain Cleaner

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The Easy Way To Make Your Own Drain Cleaner

Are you suffering from clogged drains in your home? Don’t worry; this guide will explain how you can make a drain cleaner with just a few combined products. Some people think that the best drain cleaners are the ones that are brought in stores. These drain cleaners contain harmful chemicals, which can be a real hazard if they splash onto your skin or eyes. Although, this isn’t the case as homemade drain cleaners can be just as good, plus they don’t contain any harmful chemicals, providing a worry-free option, especially if you have children or pets in the house.

Another reason why a homemade drain cleaner is a better option than a chemical drain cleaner is that it is cheaper. This is a bonus as it will save you money on your grocery bill, and if you require drain cleaning regularly, then it is also another good reason to make your own.

A drain can become blocked for various reasons, with the main culprits being soap scum and hair clogs. These are usually the reasons why you will find a drain clog in your bathroom. A kitchen drain clog may also contain soap scum but also with food debris and oil build-ups. Although, you should never pour cooking oil down the sink as this can cause problems that even a drainage clean can’t solve.

When you start to notice the water running slowly down the sink than usual, this is normally the first indication you will get that it has a clog. It is a good idea to do the draining cleaning as soon as possible before the clog gets too large, and you end up with water that won’t go down at all.

How To Make An Easy Homemade Drain Cleaner

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to making a homemade drainage cleaner. The baking soda method combines three elements: hot water, vinegar, and baking soda. This is the most known method to make a homemade drain cleaner.

If you want to try another homemade drain cleaner that only uses two products, then the hot water and dish detergent method works wonders too. Plus, due to the use of the detergent, it powers through kitchen drain clogs very well.

Both methods use either hot or boiling water, which helps to soften the clog and moisten the build-up. This step is crucial if you haven’t used the sink much before you carry out your drain clean.

Baking Soda Homemade Drain Cleaner Method

This is the best drain cleaner method if you want to see a chemical reaction in your drain pipes when you clear the clog. Together, the three products make a chemical reaction with the water being used at the beginning and end to help flush away particles that have been broken down.

Baking soda is known as ‘sodium bicarbonate’ that is technically known as a chemical compound. At the same time, vinegar is known as acetic acid. When the two products are combined, they start to bubble and create a fizz, which helps break down particles that are causing the drain to be blocked.

Here is the easy way to use this Drain Cleaner Method:

Step 1 – Firstly, if you have a blocked drain that has caused water to remain in the sink, you will need to remove this before you start. Simply use a small container to scoop and empty it. This is so you can get to the drain opening.

Step 2 – You will now need to put some boiling water down the drain opening. This is to soften the drain clog before the other two products make a chemical reaction.

Step 3 – Now, the first active ingredient of the homemade drain cleaner is used. This is the baking soda. You will need to put half a cup of baking soda into the drain.

Step 4 – The second ingredient is now added into the clogged drain. This is the vinegar. Half a cup of vinegar is now put into the drain. This will now bring on the reaction of chemicals that make this homemade drain cleaner work.

Step 5 – To make this homemade drain cleaner more effective, you can put a rubber stopper into the drain hole. The reason for this is that as the chemical reaction starts to take place in the drain, preventing air from escaping from the drain creates more pressure to break up the blockage.

Step 6 – Now, to ensure the reaction between the products has time to work, you will need to wait for a little while. It’s best to wait 15 minutes whilst this drain cleaners chemical bubbling occurs.

Step 7 – Remove the rubber stopper and put more boiling water down the drain.

Step 8 – For best results for this drain homemade cleaner, you should now turn on the hot tap and let water flow down the drain to remove any remaining particles.

This method will give you a cleaner drain and removes scum build-ups; this is one of the best drain cleaners you can make at home.

Dish Detergent Homemade Drain Cleaners Method

This method uses regular dish detergent and boiling water to make this homemade cleaner for your drains. This method can be used in any drain in your home. Although it works great in the kitchen due to the grease build-up in the sink.

Even if you don’t pour oil down your drain, there will be small residues from the food from your plate when you wash them.

Here is how to use dish detergent to make homemade cleaners for your drain:

Step 1 – Put some boiling water down the drain and then follow this with some water from the hot tap. This cleaners’ effectiveness will be increased with this step as water helps to soften the drain blockage initially.

Step 2 – Squeeze some dish detergent down the drain. Allow a little time for this to sit in the drain and to break through the grease and grime.

Step 3 – Put some more boiling water down the drain, and this should loosen the blockage leaving you with a clean drain.

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