How to Build a Treehouse In Best 8 Ways

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If you are a parent with a large yard and access to some big, sturdy trees, you might be starting to think about building a kid’s treehouse. If you’re wondering how to build a treehouse for kids, then you might be wondering where to start.

How much it costs, what sort of designs to use, and how to make sure your kid treehouse is fully safe and secure so that your kids don’t get hurt when playing in their new treehouse!

Kids love these exciting outdoor buildings, and there is incredible scope with treehouse building to create something truly unique with exciting floor plans and great design flourishes.

Here at Best of Machinery, we’ve collected together all the information you might need when you first start to think about building a treehouse, from how high from the ground it should be to how to add extra flourishes and decorations to your treehouse.

Kids will love your new hand made treehouse, and you might have a great time building it, too! Always make sure you follow safety regulations when building, though.

Read on below to learn more about how to build a treehouse without needing to buy any special copyrighted rights reserved instructions in order to understand treehouse building!

How much Would it Cost to Build a Treehouse?

The question of how much treehouse building costs is a difficult one because there are so many different plans and design options for any treehouse. The amount it costs to build a treehouse could be as low as $300 or as high as around $15,000.

These costs depend on a range of factors, like the general difficulty of your treehouse building project and the complexity of the design you are using.

If you want a hand from an engineer to make sure you’re building a treehouse that is as stable and secure as possible, then expect that to add somewhere around $100 to $1000 to your budget.

You’re also going to have to consider the costs of the materials you have chosen for building a treehouse. Reclaimed lumber and recycled wood will be much cheaper than using high-quality wood, but might not look quite as flashy.

The big thing that affects the cost of your treehouse is its height above the ground. If you’re looking to build one that’s only at about 7 feet above the ground.

Then you can work without needing to set up much scaffolding, but if your plans are for a treehouse that is more like 12 feet up.

Then you can’t work from the ground and will need to set up some quite substantial scaffolding around your chosen tree, which can increase the cost by a factor of two or maybe even more!

What Tools do you Need to Build a Treehouse?

Treehouses involve a lot of different parts that require special tools in order to cut and shape them properly. That means that you need a range of tools in order to make your treehouse look good and fit together properly.

Remember, if it takes you two attempts to cut a piece into shape, then it’ll take you two times as much material in order to build your treehouse!

A sturdy drill is essential for the process of treehouse construction. You’ll want a powerful one with its own power source, so you don’t need it to be plugged into a power outlet.

A circular saw is a great way to cut straight lines quickly, allowing you to get the tedious part of the job done much faster.

A set of two sturdy sawhorses will allow you to set up your wood stably for sawing, making the process much easier. The last tool you’ll definitely need is a measured speed square.

Marking out angles and locations for end cuts on your treehouse parts is very important, and cutting things by eye is never a good idea! One of these can ensure that all of your cuts are accurate and that you can get it right in one every time.

Do Tree Houses Need Planning Permission?

This is a simple and straightforward question, and the answer is that yes, you definitely need planning permission in order to set up a treehouse in your garden.

It’s important to get this all sorted out before you start construction, in order to avoid any problems arising after you’ve already invested time and money into your treehouse project.

How long does it take to Build a Treehouse?

Constructing a treehouse can take a very long time if you do it yourself. A small treehouse is likely to take one or two months for most people, while a large scale one might take as much as a year to build.

If this is the first time you have tried a project like this, then add a few months to your building time. It’s always going to take longer than you think it will, particularly if you are using tools that you are not used to yet!

If you make sure that you’ve planned your treehouse properly first, then you can probably save a bit of time, but you should always expect it to take longer than you think when undertaking a major project like this.

Top Building Tips.

One of the most important tips we can offer is to choose the right tree for your project. You should be using a healthy hardwood tree with thick branches.

At least 8 inches thick on a hardwood tree, and thicker for a softwood. Safety and stability are very important, and should not be overlooked when you’re choosing a tree for your treehouse platform!

You should build the main platform as close to your trunk as possible, for the best support. Add diagonal support bracing if your platform or tree is uneven, and try making sure that the weight is positioned over the base of the tree, rather than hanging off over one side.

When you are setting up your treehouse, be sure that you leave enough space for the tree to grow. When cutting the trunk hole, add a couple of inches onto the diameter of the hole, so that the tree can grow and move over time.

Construction is much easier if you make sure that the platform is stable first. Keeping the floor as level as possible helps with spreading the loadout, and makes supporting the weight easier for the tree.

If one beam is lower than another, add a bit of extra wood on top so that the beams even out and offer the most balanced support possible!

A top tip you might not have thought of is that you should build sections of your treehouse on the ground, and then hoist them up into the tree once you are done. It is much easier than working on building complex bits of tree house up in the air!

Consider adding a couple of pillars running between the ground and the platform for added support. Treehouses put a lot of strain on the tree, and reducing that weight and strain can make a huge difference for the safety and stability of your house.


Building treehouses are not necessarily a massively difficult project, but it can be complex and time-consuming. Always prioritize your safety, and don’t be tempted by the thought of cutting corners and saving time.

Safety is the most important consideration when building treehouses for kids, and should never be overlooked. Be prepared for a large time investment into making your treehouse.

If you are experienced in DIY and carpentry, then it might be easier, but you should pace yourself and be as patient as you can. Don’t feel too intimidated, though. Anyone can construct a treehouse with a bit of determination and patience, as well as the right tools! In a few months, if you take your time, you can have a great looking treehouse that your kids are sure to love!

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