Choosing Free Shed Plans For The Right Build

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Building a shed isn’t easy, but it can be much simpler if you have a proper shed plan in mind before you start.

However, even if you have got a general idea of the way that you want your new shed to look, it can sometimes be challenging to track down any existing storage shed plans that match your needs perfectly.

Whether it is a lean-to shed, a gable shed, or a perfectly average garden shed, a decent plan can be all you need to turn a general idea into a completed, ready-to-use shed.

Why Use Shed Plans?

Finding a PDF download of free shed plans online can give you the edge you need to build something amazing, even if it is a small shed.

By having a PDF download that serves as proper instructions, you don’t need to spend as much time and effort on the planning stages of the build.

And most of your effort will go to the materials list instead of figuring out how the building process would work.

However, that isn’t the only reason that free plans are a good option.


One of the other significant benefits of any free shed plans is the inclusion of a materials list and other helpful advice.

This tells you what you will need, to follow the shed plan to the letter, and can often give you an idea of the building materials you will be expected to use to build the garden shed itself.


Trying to build a storage space using shed plans removes the need for you to plan it yourself. Shed plans make the job far easier, saving you time and letting you get to work straight away.


A free PDF download of shed plans gives you all the building guides you need without any risk of mistakes or problems.

Most shed plans have been used by many people in the past, meaning that the majority of shed plans are completely accurate and don’t have any silly mistakes in them.

The following plans almost guarantee that you will end up with good construction results.


In the end, free downloadable shed plans are just that – plans. These plans can be tweaked and adjusted to suit your needs, so you aren’t “locked-in” to a particular set of features if you don’t like them.

For example, nothing is stopping you from cutting an extra door or window into the shed once it is finished, even if the shed plans don’t tell you to do that.

You have full control of the end result, and the plans are just a guide.

They are Free.

Free plans are free, so you have plenty of time to compare them with other plans. There is no commitment involved, and you can easily adjust the free plans to fit different needs.

Like anything free, nothing is stopping you from downloading the plans now and keeping them around just in case you decide to use them later.

Even better, since they are entirely free, you don’t need to give personal payment details or money to a site that hosts them.

Common Free-To-Use Shed Plans.

There are plenty of free shed plans online that you can take a look at, but most of them fall into various similar designs based on the type of shed they will offer.

Not everybody who is building a shed will be building storage space, so some PDF download shed plans are more focused on using the shed for other purposes.

It helps to find DIY shed plans that fit your needs, no matter how niche they might be. Some common shed types that you can find online plans for include:

Lean-To Shed Plans.

Finding free lean-to shed plans isn’t difficult since most of them are incredibly easy to build.

Your average lean-to shed is mostly used as a storage shed, so they are easy to follow and don’t require a very long materials list – some don’t even have a back wall since they rest against your house.

Building them is simple, and you can find PDF download options for them quite quickly.

Storage Locker Plans.

Instead of a full shed, many people will build a small shed (below head height) that acts as a small tool locker of sorts.

These have a very short materials list and are a very simple storage build, allowing you to quickly build a shed without having to commit to a full-scale shed plan.

It is very easy to find free shed plans PDF download options for this kind of shed.

Pallet Shed Plans.

A pallet shed is one of the easiest storage spaces to build, made mostly out of wooden pallets.

Various free shed plans cover this kind of shed, but they all focus around trying to build a shed using the recycled pallets and a few other materials as possible.

You can easily find PDF download free shed plan choices for shed types like this.

Gable Storage Shed Plans.

A gable shed building is like a small house in your backyard, using a sloped roof (and sometimes windows) to make a study and nice-looking storage shed that you can rely on.

Due to the basic design, many of them have similar building plans, with the main difference being size and height.

Small Tool Sheds.

One of the simplest PDF download options is a simple tool shed – a tiny building that is basically a cupboard. Free shed building plans are very common for this type of shed.


A cottage-style garden shed is usually meant to serve as somewhere that gets used quite often, so these plans can be quite complex.

Finding free shed plans for a shed of this size can be slightly trickier, but they are also one of the shed types that needs a shed plan the most since they can be very complicated to put together without a reference.

Wood-Storing Shed.

While these aren’t a conventional shed that can protect tools, wood-storing or wood-drying shed plans are a great option for people who still cut wood for various purposes.

It doesn’t take long to build one since they are usually just a raised platform with a roof, but they can be invaluable storage builds for people that need to keep wood (or other materials) relatively dry over long periods of time.


If you want to go for a more extreme type of storage shed, a full-sized barn is entirely possible! You need a lot of space and plenty of wood for shed types like this, but it is still possible to find free shed plans that suit this kind of project.

If you can’t, you might be able to take some of your other shed plans and scale them up to twice the size, giving you a larger building with the same basic structure as a smaller shed plan.

Is it Cheaper to Build your own Shed?

Using shed plans to construct your own shed can often be cheaper than hiring a building company or contractor to do it for you, especially if you are wanting to make changes that might not be in the original plan.

Not only does it cost less money, since you don’t have to pay somebody to handle the building process, but you also have more control over how the finished shed is designed.

While a lot of your budget can go towards the purchase of everything on the material list, you would need to pay for this anyway if you hired somebody to do the job for you.

How much Does it Cost to Build a 10×10 Storage Shed?

A simple 10×10 foot woodshed can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 depending on what you are trying to make, although similar designs will cost less than complex ones: a gable shed will require more money than a lean-to shed.

How much Does it Cost to build a 10×12 Shed?

Despite the small differences in size, even an extra two feet of floor space can increase the price by a significant amount, so every foot counts.

A 10×12 foot shed might take about $1,500 to £2,500 in materials alone, which can already bump it up higher than a 10×10 shed plan.

How much Lumber do I need to build a 12×16 Shed?

If you are working off a shed plan, you will usually know which materials you need, but not always.

There isn’t a single answer that works here since every shed type is different: the raised roof of a gable shed means that it will take more wood to construct, whereas a simple lean-to shed plan will take much less due to how they are built.

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