The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor: The Next Generation in Kitchen Appliances

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor

The Breville sous chef food processor is a new generation of kitchen appliances that allows you to make some of your favorite dishes with ease. The Breville sous chef food processor can be used as a blender, chopper, and even has an ice crushing function for drinks.

It features different speeds so you can use it depending on what type of dish you are making to save time in the kitchen! If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen with the Breville sous chef food processor, this Breville cookware set is a great choice!


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Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Reviews: The Best Food Processor On The Market

One of the primary reasons people opt to make their own food at home is because they know that it will be healthier, free of all sorts of preservatives and ingredients that are otherwise present in commercial ready-made products.

However, if you claim to cook making use of fresh vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients, then a food processor is a tool that you cannot avoid having in your kitchen.

To be precise, what you need is a high-quality food processor that will help you prepare the ingredients faster and with little to no effort on your part.

Why should you get the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor?

1) The food processor can handle difficult ingredients like nuts and other hard foods. If you regularly make your own pesto, hummus, or any dish that requires chopping up these kinds of items, then this is definitely the machine for you. It won’t simply chop them. Instead, it can even grind them into fine pieces that are perfect for the dish you’re making.

2) It saves time – who wants to spend over an hour laboring away in the kitchen preparing food? While your food will be healthier if you choose to cook instead of eating processed foods at home or in commercial restaurants, wouldn’t it be better if you could get it done faster?

3) It is a versatile machine. You can use it to make sauces, chop vegetables and fruits, mix ingredients for the dough, knead bread, and basically do more of the food preparation work. This saves you from having to pull out another appliance every time you prepare a different kind of dish. No need for your blender or electric mixer when you have this machine!

4) The quality on offer is very good considering that it isn’t that high-priced compared with other food processors in the market today. With the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Reviews saying just nice things about how it performs its tasks, there’s no doubt that this product is worth considering when making your purchase.

There are many brand names out there catering to the needs of people who want to cook their own food at home, but Breville is one of those that have really stood out. Some other great examples are KitchenAid, Cuisinart, and Hamilton Beach.

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Reviews present positive things about this particular brand name because it has developed a reputation for its reliability. If you’re looking for kitchen appliances that can last long enough to pay for themselves in terms of what you save from making your own food instead of purchasing commercial ones, then consider getting a high-quality appliance like this one.

So if you’re planning to make your cooking easier by investing in a reliable food processor, choose something within the Breville range – you won’t regret it!

1. The Breville Sous Chef® 12

Chopping, cutting, shredding, and even kneading bread are no issues for this kitchen tool. With three options for feeding chutes as well as an adjustable slicer, this Chef 12 is a great option for the home chef. Chef™ 12 can turn quick food prep with the click of one button.

Model: BFP660SIL

About This Item:

  • Chopping cheese, herbs, or nuts to mix batters and puréeing soups
  • 12 cup cap BPA Work bowl made of plastic; Safety brake system
  • A large five broad feed chute cuts out the need for precutting all ingredients
  • The pulsing button is instantaneous to ensure maximum control and smooth processing
  • A 1000 watt induction motor provides the most power and versatility the smallest size
  • This stops the motor from working without ensuring that the lid and bowl are properly locked and a big feed pusher is fitted
  • Voltage: 110-120 Volts

Product Specification:

Dimensions (WxDxH)7.5″ x 8.5″ x 17″
Warranty1 Year Limited Product Warranty and 10 Year Motor Warranty
Construction MaterialsHigh Impact Plastic Base.
High Impact BPA-Free Bowl.
Stainless Steel Spindle.
AccessoriesIncluded Accessories: Stainless steel spindle.
Micro-Serrated S-Blade.
Adjustable Slicer with 24 settings. Reversible Shredder.
Dough Blade.
Bowl Capacity1 x 12 Cup (large bowl).
SettingsOn and Pulse.
Power1000 Watts.
Voltage110–120 Volts.
Safety Interlock SystemPrevents the motor from operating unless the bowl and lid are correctly locked in position, and a large feed pusher is inserted.

2. The Breville Sous Chef® 16 Pro

Whether you’re turning nuts into nut butter, perfectly slicing carrots, or another chopping, shredding, or kneading, this workhorse delivers perfection every time. With 2 feed chute options and 8 precision tools, the Sous Chef™ 16 Pro brings professional prep to any kitchen.

Model: BFP800XL

About this item:

  • Includes 5 multi-function discs, as well as 3 blades in the box.
  • 5.5-inch Super-wide chute for feeding eliminates the requirement to cut most vegetables and fruits
  • Included are two BPA processed bowls that are free of BPA (16 cups (3.8 L) large bowl; 2.5 cups (600 milliliters) small processing bowl
  • LCD display shows count up and count down auto-timers Voltage: 110-120 Volts
  • The storage box for accessories can be stacked either vertically or horizontally, based on the space for storage; Stainless Steel Blades; Plastic Spatula.

Product Specification:

Included AccessoriesStorage Box.
Micro-Serrated Disc.
Julienne Disc.
French Fry Cutting Disc.
Whisking Disk.
Mini Blade.
Dough Blade.
Cleaning Brush.
Plastic Spatula.
Bowl Capacity16 Cup (large bowl) & 2.5 Cup (small bowl).
Construction MaterialsDie-Cast Metal Base.
High Impact BPA-Free Bowl.
Stainless Steel Blades.
Dimensions (WxDxH)12.9″ x 12.2″ x 6.5″
Feed Chute Safety SystemPrevents the motor from operating unless the bowl, lid, and large food pusher are correctly locked in position.
LED DisplayThe timer counts up and down.
Power1200 Watts.
SettingsOn and Pulse.
Voltage110–120 Volts.
Warranty1 Year Limited Product Warranty and 25 Year Induction Motor Guarantee

3. The Breville Sous Chef® 16 Peel & Dice

With the new peeling and 12-millimeter dicing attachment, The machine’s precise cut ensures even and consistent taste and texture, making every food more delicious and tasty. With three sizes of chutes that are designed to fit any shape, you can now enjoy many more options to prepare amazing meals in a matter of just a few minutes.

Model:  BFP820BAL

About this item:

  • Dicing isn’t as difficult anymore. Breville’s newest dicing attachment brings ease and precision up a notch. The dicing tool works by cutting and then dicing your food. This process is two steps and guarantees even as well as precise cubes. The 12mm dicing attachment is an ideal tool to make many popular meals like salads and soups. The 16mm and 8mm dicing kits give you a wide range of precision cuts and are available as a separate item.
  • Perfectly peeled, Peeling potatoes doesn’t need to be painful. The peeler disc is able to peel up to seven potatoes at a time, and every kind of vegetable, including sweet potato and beetroot, making it easy to take the hassle out of cooking your ingredients.
  • A chute that can be used in any shape. 3 Feed options to get exact results. With the ability to accommodate larger quantities of produce in the big chute Breville’s larger dicing surface produces more cubes with one push and the dicing grid that is 360 degree can provide the capacity of 10 cups of continuous cutting.
  • Chef 16 is a heavy-duty induction motor. chef 16 peel and Dice have the latest direct drive, high-torque 1200W motor which can effectively tackle the toughest tasks inside the large 16-cup (3.6 ltr.) bowl.
  • S-blade System: The micro-serrated S blade offers quick action that allows for constant mixing, chopping and processing of various of ingredients.

Product Specification:

Included Accessories12mm Dicing Kit.
Peeling Disc.
Micro-Serrated S-Blade.
Reversible Shredding Disc.
Variable Slicing Disc.
Julienne Disc.
French Fry Cutting Disc.
Whisking Disc.
Mini Blade.
Dough Blade.
Cleaning Brush.
Plastic Spatula.
Storage Box.
Bowl Capacity16 Cup (large bowl) & 2.5 Cup (small bowl).
Construction MaterialsDie-cast Metal Base.
Ultra Durable BPA-Free Tritan Bowl.
Stainless Steel Blades.
Dimensions (WxDxH)11″ x 8″ x 18″
Feed Chute Safety SystemPrevents the motor from operating unless the bowl, lid, and large food pusher are correctly locked in position.
LED DisplayThe timer counts up and down.
Power1200 Watts.
SettingsOn/Off, Pause, and Pulse.
Voltage110–120 Volts.
Warranty1 Year Limited Product Warranty and 25 Year Induction Motor Warranty

How To Use Breville Sous Chef Food Processor?

To use the knife blade on these food processors, put it through the feed chute opening. The feed chute is designed so that you can place vegetables on top of it and let them fall down to be cut. For small amounts, hold the base with one hand, leaving your other hand free for holding ingredients.

Take care not to scrape your knuckles or hands against the side of the feed chute as this may cause discomfort or harm. Once you have finished cutting all of your ingredients, remove the knife blade by pulling it back up through its holder towards you. This will allow you to retrieve more ingredients without having to take out any additional parts from the inside of the bowl of your Breville Sous Chef food processor.

How to use Breville Food Processor
How to use Breville Food Processor?

To use the slicing disc on these food processors, place it on top of the base and push it down until it locks into place. It will only unlock when the press is pushed up. Once you have finished cutting your ingredients, press and hold both buttons to push the discs off of the bowl.

To use either a rotating arm or dough blade on these food processors, insert them into their holders then put them through the chute opening as if you were using a knife blade. Then turn either option clockwise to lock it into place. If you are using a dough blade with a large work bowl, be sure that all components are properly locked in before turning it on. To remove these tools after they have been used, simply turn them counterclockwise until they are unlocked.

To use the chute opening with a bowl, insert it through the lid’s center hole and turn clockwise to lock it in place. To remove it, press down on both buttons while turning counterclockwise to unlock it. Allow your Breville Sous Chef food processor blades to cool before cleaning them to avoid injuries. When cleaning, simply wipe down the entire exterior with a soft cloth and mild detergent. See your instruction manual for information about the dishwasher-safe parts of your specific model.

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Tips And Tricks For The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor

  • A general rule of thumb is to remove the lid when adding food in small amounts. This helps prevent clogs.
  • If you do experience a clog, add more oil and turn off the machine immediately then try again. If this doesn’t work, repeat until it does or replaces the blade assembly.
Tips And Tricks For The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor
  • Don’t overfill the bowl with ingredients. A full bowl can cause a lot of stress on the motor and power base resulting in burns from hot oils and spinning blades. It is far easier to add in extra oil than to put the broken glass back together (also bad for your hands if you’re holding it).
  • For maximum safety, it’s recommended that you place hand towels underneath fingers above any glass bowls to protect yourself if the bowl falls over.
  • Knife lacerations are one of the leading causes of death in cooking. Don’t get hurt! Wait for your bread maker to beep before opening it up to see if it’s done or keep an eye on it while it’s making bread.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Breville Food Processors Worth It?

Yes, they are worth it. In fact, they’re working wonders for me and I’m glad that my husband bought it for this Christmas. It is a very fine machine.

What is the Best Breville Food Processor?

It is a Breville BFP800XL. It’s got a toughened-glass bowl which is made of heavy-duty material. Plus, the 500-watt motor is efficient and it has enough power to process almost all types of ingredients.

Is Breville Food Processor better than Cuisinart?

Yes, it is. Cuisinart food processors are more on the lighter side while Breville has heavier duty motors and sharper blades. It does a great job in chopping, slicing, and dicing. I know several people who bought both Cuisinart and Breville food processors and the latter never fails to impress them.

Does the Breville Sous Chef puree?

Yes, it does. It has an accompanying dough blade for this purpose. You can use the blender to make delicious smoothies with fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s a great way to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies, right?