36 Woodworking Tips for Beginners

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If you are looking to get into woodworking, then you are probably looking for helpful woodworking for beginners advice. There are plenty of woodwork youtube videos out there, which can be a great way to get started, but we’ve put together a collection of woodworking tips for you that you can work through quickly and easily without needing to search for the advice you need.

We love sharing information on woodworking with people who like to learn, so read on below to discover our top 36 woodworking tips, as well as some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about woodwork.

What is a good First Woodworking Project?

An excellent option for simple woodwork projects for beginners is a simple wooden box for storing media in. This is an easy option to build, and can easily be added to the tv stand under your tv to hold your DVDs and games. You don’t have to make one to be added to the tv stand, though – you could make a free-standing media box or a shelf, or maybe even a sign for your door or a gate sign! Avoid anything with complicated shapes, and stick to simple things that will show less messy cuts when you are building it.

How much do Woodworkers Make an Hour?

How much woodworkers make an hour depends on how they work. Simple woodwork in a large wood shop usually pays around $10 per hour, but those who make youtube woodworking videos often earn more money. That applies whether that’s top tips or woodwork tv recommendations to avoid, or even slow, relaxing woodwork videos that can be left to automatically play in the background. The woodwork YouTubers you watch may not even do all that much practical woodwork outside of their video activities!

What Woodworking Projects Sell Well?

If you’re interested in selling your woodwork projects, you’ll want to focus on popular products, not oddities that people will generally avoid thanks to personal preference or tv recommendations to avoid such products. Popular options include shelf units, floating shelves, chest boxes, and door sign frames. Many people search for these products, and if you can make something that people like, then it’ll sell. If you can get someone to like your products enough that they take to sharing information about your store, then you might find that your next orders will be for the same product!

What to Get the Woodworker who has Everything?

The good news is that there are plenty of tools and pieces of equipment that you can get for the woodworker that has everything. Products like glues and varnishes are always running out, and nobody wants to have to search for a replacement. If their next tin of varnish for a sign or pot of glue for a chair is right next to them already with no searching required, they’ll be very grateful every time.

Woodwork YouTubers are worth keeping an eye on for this sort of thing. YouTubers you watch may mention products they would recommend as gifts for retrieving sharing with woodworkers, you know. A simple tv s watch search on youtube will help you to find advice on which gifts to buy and which are “avoid this, cancel the order” levels of bad. Obviously, you should not buy “avoid this, cancel” products when buying gifts!

36 Woodworking Tips For Beginners

The internet is full of videos about woodworking. Some people like videos as a way to learn, and have watched later copy lists full of woodwork videos. Others do not like videos so much for learning about woodworking, and only end up watching the next autoplay videos that automatically play when signed out. Our list of woodworking tips below is excellent as a starting point that will help you to find the right videos to search watch later for in order to learn more. Some of these tips might be entirely new for you, and some might be old news to you. Either way, you should be able to find something new below.

Half Pencil Marks for Copying

Sand a pencil down, so it has a flat side that can lie right next to anything you want to copy. Then, you can draw around the template perfectly without spreading out, and you will show less variety between the original and your watch later copy.

Cover your Pipe Clamp

The telltale sign of using an iron pipe clamp on softwood is a dark stain across the wood. Here, we’re retrieving sharing our favorite tip to avoid that. Just cover your bar clamp with a length of plastic PVC pipe to protect the wood!

Flexible Sanding Block

Here’s a tip you won’t see on your next autoplay video. If you want to sand a difficult curved shape, you’ll need a flexible sanding block to fit the curve. Did you know you can make one at home? Just wrap some sandpaper around a small notepad and bend it to fit the shape!

DIY Stain Sprayers

A simple way to stain complex furniture is to spray it on. All you’ll need is a simple, clean, empty spray bottle. Just spray the stain onto your furniture and wipe away any excess that pools in the recesses!

Table Saw Maintenance

If you’ve got a cast iron table saw top, then you might find that it gets a bit rusty and dry in humid weather. A simple coat of paste wax on the metal will stop this from happening!

DIY Sandpaper Cutter

Simply fasten an old hacksaw blade to the edge of your workbench, and you can use this to cut sandpaper without worrying about damaging your scissors or utility knife!

Salvaging Old Glue

If your wood glue gets too thick to use, just stir in a few drops of vinegar to loosen it up again!

Taping up Angles

Mitered edges can be a nuisance to align. If you use tape on the outside edge to create a hinge, though, then you can glue them perfectly every time.

Shelf Brackets

A shelf bracket attached to your workbench makes for the perfect bracer of thin materials that won’t stand up on their own.

Stain Directories

It’s easy to lose track of which of your stains is which. This can easily be avoided by making a test strip with samples of all your stains, all neatly labeled, so you don’t need to remember which is which.

Stable Mixing Cups

Drill shallow holes in scrap wood to make the perfect non-spill cups for mixing two-part epoxy in!

Cleaning Rotary Sanding Drums

Just run your rotary tool over a standard pencil eraser at a low speed to rub out all the chips that clog up the grit!

Sanding Small Parts

Emery boards and nail files are perfect for sanding the smallest and most delicate parts of any project!

Simple Glue Dispensers

Glue dispensers are often overcomplicated. Just put your glue in a clean, empty mustard bottle, and it’ll be much easier for you to use. Also, they don’t risk clogging so much!


Videos are great, and you can search watch later copy to find many great tips. Sometimes, the suggested video will automatically play something with a great tip you never knew, but sometimes the suggested video will automatically play something you don’t care about. A list like ours above is an easier way to skip forward and find the tips you need, without having to mess around with “listening nan undefined” or “confirm up next cancel” on your tv’s watch options.

Our list of woodworking tips above should help everyone, even the most basic of beginners who don’t even want to dive into the “confirm, up next, cancel” options of woodworking youtube, never mind “listening nan undefined.” Our top advice above is just a selection of tips, though, and there are so many other things you can learn about woodworking and how to get the most out of your home woodshop!

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