29 DIY Car Detailing Tips

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If you want to get your car looking fine and flashy, then you might want to get involved in detailing a car. In big cities like Washington dc, you will see lots of cars that have already had auto detailing work done on them, and you might be wondering how you can get your own vehicle looking like this and how much work it will take.

Here at Best of Machinery (rights reserved), we have put together some top tips on how to get started on detailing cars. No matter what your question is, whether you have just seen some impressive auto detailing in Washington dc or you want to try something wild and new, Best of Machinery (rights reserved) is here to help you!

What does it cost to Detail a Car?

A full auto detailing service might not be as expensive as you think, particularly if you live in a busy area like Washington dc, where there are plenty of car wash locations to choose from, many of which have been performing this service for many years. A basic detailing car service is likely to cost you somewhere between $50 and $150, while a more complex car detail service that takes hours of cleaning and close attention, popular in bigger and more affluent cities like Washington dc, could cost significantly more.

What does car DIY Detailing Include?

Many people wonder what it means to detail a car. What does the process consist of, and is it important?

Well, the basic auto detailing process, available everywhere from Washington dc to rural towns, should include features like a car wash, interior vacuuming and polish, window wash, cleaning the mirrors and trim, and full tire cleaning. These may take some time to complete, but it can be worth it, and many customers love to go back to the same auto garages for detail car services and cleaning, again and again, coming back for many years.

How Often do you need to detail your car?

Most auto experts with a high level of experience from serious garages in the Washington area recommend that you should go back for another auto detailing service about 2 to 3 times per year. That means going back for another couple of hours of detailing about one time per four to six months. If you can’t manage to go back for auto servicing that frequently, then just go back as close to once every six months as you can manage.

29 DIY Car Detailing Tips

If you don’t want to pay a professional for their time, you can get close to the same results by simply taking your car back home and detailing it yourself. It could take a few hours to freshen up and look as good as new, but it might be worth it if money is a concern.

Make your Vehicle Smell as good as new again.

Neutralizing the smells in your car can make a huge difference to freshening it up and helping it feel nice again. Aerosol smell eliminators are a great option for this. Lightly spray the headliner, seats, door panels, and carpet, moving in a back and forth motion and keeping back 12 to 14 inches away from the fabric surfaces. Then turn the AC to max recirculate mode and leave it for a while!

Clean your Windows

Cleaning the windows can make a huge difference to how nice your car looks. Using a windex spray and a clean rag, rub in a circular area a bit at a time, rather than back and forth in a line. Make sure you cover the top area of the windows, as well as the front and back!

Clean the Leather

Even after you have detailed most of your vehicle, you might find that you need to go back and clean up the leather parts of the interior if you have nice leather upholstery. If there are stains on the leather, pre-treat it with a conditioner and then use an ink remover on any affected area of the seat.

Lubricate the Hood

The hood can easily get stiff and sticky, with the hinges getting jammed up with dirt and grime. Using a clean rag and white lithium grease, wipe the hinge clean and move it open and closed several times to really work the lubricant in there.

Brush out the Air Vents

Auto air vents are often overlooked, but they are easy to clean and can make a huge difference in how your vehicle looks. Give them a quick spray of furniture polish, and then, using a cheap artist paintbrush, just brush the vents down to get them looking sparkling clean and fully operational once again.

Use the Right Soap

Dishwashing soap is much too harsh to use on automobile finish surfaces. It damages the varnish and can shorten the life of the paintwork. It might be more expensive, but it is worth splashing out on some dedicated carwash soap for your vehicle detail work!


Detailing your vehicle doesn’t have to be a major source of stress. With a bit of time and some dedication, you can get your automobile looking as good as it did when you first bought it, no matter how old it is! You are just going to have to be prepared to put a bit of effort into the process in order to get the best and most professional-looking results.

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