10 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair [ 2020 ]

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Vacuum for Pet Hair Buyer’s Guide

When looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner, it is important to first consider what you want from that vacuum cleaner; is it to be used on carpet, hardwood flooring, or both? Will you want to use it on the stairs? Do you want corded or cordless? Upright or handheld? Then perhaps the most important; what type of dirt will you be cleaning? Children and pets make for a need for more intensive cleaning.

While a lot of this will come down to personal preference, some aspects will be based upon your needs. If you have stairs in your property that need to be vacuumed, careful consideration should be given to the type and weight of the model you are purchasing. A heavy vacuum or one with a short cord can become tiresome carrying up and downstairs, especially with a pet running around your feet. Whereas a lift-away or extremely lightweight model will suit you better when moving around your home and between floors.

Most homes now have a combination of floor types that attract pet hair, dust, and other debris, which is why a high number of manufacturers are now making the change between carpet and hardwood flooring seamless in terms of cleaning. Removing hair from carpets and dust and hair from hardwood floors is a challenge to make sure that you fully remove the dirt and do not blow or move it from one area of your home to another. This is where vacuum cleaners that trap dust and hair behind a seal or filter will best suit your needs, as this stops the debris from being blown back out onto a different area of your flooring.

The type of filter the vacuum cleaner includes can also be very important for those with allergies, as the filter will stop pet hair and debris from being dispersed through the air and cause allergy flare-ups and discomfort. Looking for HEPA filters is a good start when comparing models of vacuum cleaners as these filters give an excellent level of protection to those sensitive to hair and dust in the air.

The maneuverability of the vacuum is also something that will make your life and cleaning easier. If the vacuum cleaner lies flatter against the floor or has swivel stick technology, you will find that you can clean under and around your furniture and into corners. This removes the cumbersome job or having to lift furniture each time you want to vacuum because if we are being honest, pet hair gets everywhere. There is not a piece of freestanding furniture on the market that pet hair cannot get behind or underneath, meaning you will need to move it to fully clean.

We have all, at one time or another, smelled what can only be accurately described as ‘the vacuum smell’ that mixture of old dirt and burned dust from an old vacuum or improperly cleaned machine. The alternative to this is an easy clean and easy empty vacuum, many models now on the market have hygienic cleaning due to one button opening of the debris chamber where you do not even need to touch the chamber as you hold it over the wastebin. The fully opening nature of these chambers mean you can then clean the inside of them before reattaching to the vacuum, that smell will be a thing of the past.

Due to pet hair’s ability to vastly spread throughout your home, you will be needing your vacuum over a considerable amount of space, depending on the size of your rooms. So, another consideration when choosing which model to purchase is the cord length, if indeed you choose a corded vacuum cleaner. There is nothing worse than getting almost to the edge of a space only to find that you cannot reach the edges and need to change to a different power port, ensuring the cord length will stretch to all sizes of room removes this problem.

Your other option is to choose a cordless model, and the models on the market are increasingly improving the battery power of cordless vacuum cleaners to both increase battery usage time and decrease charging time. With docking stations included on some models, the vacuum is even easier to store and charge, the next big decision is where in your home you want to install the docking station.

Expert Tip

The investment in a vacuum cleaner designed specifically for homes with pets will pay for itself as the additional power built into these models will make them last longer, rather than a standard vacuum where overuse will burn out the motor.

Did You Know?

A lot of vacuum brands and models have a pet upgraded version for cleaning pet hair and debris from your home, or can be purchased with a pet adapter or attachment, which will make your cleaning easier.

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