10 Best Smokeless Grills [ 2020 ]

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Smokeless Grill Buyer’s Guide

Smokeless grills are brilliant devices that can make such a difference to your cooking and eating habits. As they are smokeless this kind of grill is made to be used within the home, allowing you to experience the ease of grilling no matter the weather. Smokeless grills are convenient devices that remove the hassle of lighting up an outdoor grill, while still providing the flavor and health benefits of grilling ingredients.

Smokeless grills are typically compact devices that can be used in the kitchen and are ideal to use for a range of recipes or meals. The great variety of smokeless grills that are available can feel overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. When shopping for the best smokeless grill for your needs, you should consider.

The Style Of Smokeless Grill

Due to how large the market for smokeless grills is, it makes sense that there is a large variety of different styles and types of devices available. Depending on what you’ll be using your smokeless grill for, where you will be using it and what kind of home you have, the style of smokeless grill you require will differ greatly.

There are three main styles of smokeless grills that are available throughout this review; countertop, open or closed. Most smokeless grills throughout this review are countertop models, due to the fact they have been manufactured to be used indoors.

Smokeless grills like the George Foreman Grill and Panini Press are compact devices that have been specially manufactured to be used on kitchen countertops. They are small, safe and easily transported devices, which is why they are suitable to use on kitchen counters.

Most grills throughout this review are this style. However, even though most are countertop, they still vary in some way. The Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill is an open designed grill. This large cooking surface does not need to be pressed and requires users to turn the meat over from time to time to cook both sides. Closed smokeless grills are more of a press style, such as the T-fall GC70 OptiGrill Electric Grill which has two hot plates that operate at once to cook both sides.

Location of Smokeless Grill

Where you will be using your smokeless grill is something that needs to be considered, as this will determine the style and size of your required model. Most grills throughout this review, such as the Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill, are designed to be used on kitchen countertops.

It is likely and obvious that grills will be used in the kitchen, as this is where cooking normally takes place. However, if you want something more versatile and want to use your grill around the home or even in the garden then you should consider a model like the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill. This large smokeless grill operates on a removable stand that can be adjusted so it can be used around the home or garden.

Plate Size of Smokeless Grill

In order to find the best smokeless grill for your needs, you should consider who will be using the grill and how many people it needs to feed. Although most smokeless grill models throughout this review are countertop, the size of the cooking plate differs greatly depending on what they can be used for.

The Excelvan Portable Electric Barbecue Grill has one of the largest cooking areas or plate sizes of any smokeless grill throughout this review. This type of smokeless grill can be used to feed all the family at one time by cooking a range of ingredients and meats. If you want to purchase a smokeless grill to feed your family healthy and delicious meals regularly, then you may want to consider a large cooking plate.

If you are looking for a smokeless grill to use for yourself or occasionally, then having a large plate size is not as important. Models such as the George Foreman Grill and Panini Press may be best suited to this kind of use. Although this smokeless grill can provide four servings, it is one of the most compact models throughout this review.

Easy To Clean Smokeless Grill

Most smokeless grills throughout this review have a non-stick coating on their cooking plates. Having a non-stick coating makes smokeless grills easy to clean, as they reduce the amount of burnt on food and grease that can be present on standard grills.

Being easy to clean is something that needs to be considered if you are planning on using your smokeless grill regularly. A lot of smokeless grills throughout this review as well as being non-stick are also dishwasher safe. Grills like the Hamilton Beach 25361 Electric Indoor Grill have removable plates that are dishwasher safe, making it incredibly easy to clean.

How Healthy Is Your Smokeless Grill?

Smokeless grills are popular kitchenware devices due to the fact they can make every meal healthier and tastier. The reason they are healthy to use is due to the fact they commonly have non-stick cooking plates. Having a non-stick cooking plate means that you can grill a range of ingredients without oil, grease, and fats to make every meal healthier.

As well as having a non-stick surface, some smokeless grills throughout this review have other features to remove the need for oil and grease. George Foreman is one of the best brands in the business and their George Foreman Grill, and Panini Press have a brand-exclusive sloping design. This sloping design drains any fat or grease from meats while cooking, making them healthier and leaner.

Another model that do this is the Excelvan Portable Electric Barbecue Grill. This smokeless grill has a ribbed design which traps and drains any grease or fat from meats. When considering how healthy a smokeless grill will be, you should also look for other features including a textured cooking surface and oil drip tray to capture grease while in use.

Why does my Smokeless Indoor Grill Produce Heavy Smoke?

Smokeless grills are electric devices that have ridges and designs that are made to replicate outdoor grills. These kind of devices are ideal for indoor use as they remove the need for charcoal and produce a lot less smoke than traditional barbeques. Despite their name, it is possible that your smokeless grill will produce occasional small levels of smoke and steam when cooking.

It is common for smokeless grills to produce higher levels of smoke when being used with thick and fatty meats, such as pork or beef. However, if your indoor grill is producing too much heavy smoke, then it is likely that the non-stick surface has been removed.

You need to make sure that you take proper care of your smokeless grill, using gentle cleansers and limited amounts of oil. If you are concerned about your indoor grill, then it is not recommended for you to continue using it.

What Temperature do you cook steak at on a Smokeless Grill?

Some smokeless grills come with adjustable thermostats that allow you to control the temperature to suit a range of ingredients. Cooking steak on a smokeless grill is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to produce a healthy meal for the family. Making sure that your steak is cooked properly is important.

The best temperature to cook your steak on a smokeless grill differs depending on the type. Rare steaks should be grilled around 120-125 degrees Fahrenheit, medium rare steaks should be around 125-130 degrees and anything higher is ideal for well-done steaks.

How does a Smokeless Grill Work?

Smokeless grills are electrically charged devices that have been specially made to replicate outdoor grills, without the hassle and danger of using open flames and charcoal. Smokeless grills typically have textured metal cooking plates that heat up when the power is turned on. This heat is what cooks your meat or ingredients, without the need for an open flame.

Some smokeless grills operate as a press, where two cooking plates heat up at once and must be pressed closed to cook both sides of the meat. Having a smokeless grill is a great way to deliver healthy, tasty and new recipes to your family without the danger and hassle of open flames. As they are electric, smokeless grills can be used no matter the weather making them suitable for so many different locations.

Did You Know?

Smokeless grills can be used indoors or outdoors to provide safe and healthy meals.

Expert Tip

Do not scrub or use abrasive materials on your smokeless grill as this will remove the non-stick coating.

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